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As a compensation company in a competitive market, where brand recognition is a key driver, Omniclaim needed to define their brand identity and develop their online digital presence. Omniclaim required a brand that would resonate with both clients and industry professionals, whilst differentiating them from their competitors.

Through a collaborative approach and extensive market research we helped redefine their value proposition which acted as the foundation for the development of a new modern logo and set of brand guidelines.

Ubiquity developed a responsive website for Omniclaim that offered a seamless user experience.  Following launch, brand recognition increased and with the implementation of a Google Search campaign website traffic increased by 56% within the first 30 days.

September 2023


Operating in a competitive industry where brand recognition plays a crucial role, Omniclaim wanted a brand that would resonate with both clients and industry professionals and differentiate them from their competitors.  

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We conductedextensive market research and client surveys to understand Omniclaim’sstrengths, weaknesses, to identify their unique selling points and gatherinsights into their target audience preferences. 

Our design teamcreated a visually appealing and modern logo, accompanied by a new colourscheme that reflected the company’s values. All fonts, colours and collateralwere designed with accessibility guidelines in mind, as from our research, thishas a huge effect on Omniclaim’s audience. We also developed a responsivewebsite that offered a seamless user experience.


Omniclaim’s brand identity now resonates with their target audience, leading to increased brand recognition within the industry. 

The revamped website and digital marketing efforts has resulted in higher website traffic, engagement, and improved search engine rankings.

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