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Bridging the gap between the physical and digital world.

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largest UK data Set

Ubiquity Amplified fuses our knowledge and experience within the dynamic media landscape, with the rich audience insights derived from the largest UK Telco data set.

We help you understand your audience, compare sectors, brands, and analyse markets to deliver targeted and impactful campaigns with minimal wastage and increased ROI.

What we will achieve

We collaborate with you to build media campaigns based on real data. Your campaign will be more focused, measurable and avoids budget wastage.

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Our holistic approach

Step 3

Campaign planning

Know when and where to target your audience most effectively. Ensure effective communication plans with minimal wastage.

Step 1

Onboarding and strategy creation

Meet with your team to understand your company and your objectives.

Step 2

Research and build your audience segments

Know who your audience truly are, where they are and how they spend their time. Look at physical and digital behaviours to build out a robust picture of your audience.

Step 4

Media booking & asset creation

Placing your ads strategically to reach the right people, in the right place, at the right time. Our creative team work hard to make sure messaging is heard, resonates with your audience, and work across all channels.

Step 5


We are perfectionists and continuously improve campaigns. While campaigns are running, we take machine and human learnings, and can run dynamic creative to further enhance deliver and maximise conversions and ROI.

Step 6

Results, reporting and recommendations

Provide detailed campaign analysis based on agreed KPIs. Everything we do is driven by your metrics and all learnings are taken into future campaigns.


See your customers through a different lens

Gain insights into your customers' real-time actions and motivations without IDs or cookies. Guaranteeing 100% privacy compliance and future-proofing

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Unrivalled Data Source

Unrivalled Data Source Offers a huge data set - 24 million handsets across the UK, pretty much reflective of one third of the UK population.

Artificial Ingeligence.

Context AI

Patented AI technology to create infinitely personal user experiences based on contextual relevance.

GDPR Compliance.

GDPR Future Proof

The data set is entirely GDPR compliant - entirely anonymised and aggregated, it’s 100% privacy compliant


Audience First

Create bespoke audience builds based on content consumption relevant to your brand or competition.

Cell Tower.

Cell Tower Data

You don’t have to be browsing or in 
app for it to report - It captures data all the time - every 15 mins, down to the nearest 25 metres.

Radio signal.

Live Traffic

A unified measurement. Essentially 
the data is traffic, so we can optimise and measure pre, during, and post
campaign. Monitoring trends and 
sales uplifts.

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