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In response to the growing demand for increased consumer awareness of Welsh food and drink brands in key markets, a collaborative effort was initiated by leading brands within the Welsh Food and Drink Sector. With a focus on Wales, London, and the Northwest, the objective was clear: to elevate brand visibility and engagement through targeted omnichannel marketing strategies.

May 2023


The primary objective of the campaign was to boost consumer awareness and drive engagement with Welsh food and drink brands across three key regions. Through highly targeted, measurable omnichannel media planning and technology, the campaign aimed to achieve significant increases in brand exposure, web traffic, and ultimately, conversions.

Strategy and Execution

To achieve the desired outcomes, a comprehensive omnichannel marketing approach was adopted, leveraging digital display and digital audio platforms. The strategy revolved around understanding consumer attitudes and behaviours to tailor messaging and placements effectively.

Digital Display Campaign

Using advanced targeting capabilities, the digital display campaign was designed to reach audiences across Wales, London, and the Northwest. By analysing demographic and behavioural data, the campaign achieved precise targeting, maximising relevance and impact. The campaign surpassed expectations, delivering a remarkable 20% over delivery with a total of 32 million impressions. Furthermore, the Seenthis display contributed to a significant 30% increase in web traffic, indicating strong engagement and interest generated by the campaign.

Digital Audio Campaign

Complementing the digital display efforts, the digital audio campaign aimed to capture audience attention through audio platforms. Leveraging data-driven insights, the campaign exceeded expectations with a 15% over delivery. Notably, the campaign successfully drove a 12% uplift in site traffic, directing users to e-commerce pages where conversions could occur.  

Results and Impact

The omnichannel marketing campaign yielded impressive results, demonstrating the effectiveness of targeted, data-driven strategies in raising consumer awareness and driving engagement for Welsh food and drink brands.

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Once we identified the target audienceinformation, this was translated into the media landscape to identify whatchannels the target audience indexes with. The campaign ran across multiple communication channels including, Out of Homeadvertising, TV, VOD, digital display, social and digital audio.

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