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Twice a year, we launch a highly targeted omnichannel campaign aimed at engaging with individuals aged over 55, informing them about the invaluable opportunity to access a free solicitors written will service.This initiative is pivotal in raising awareness and encouraging participation in Legacy Free Wills month.

March 2023


The primary objective of the campaign is to inform and educate individuals aged over 55 about the free solicitors written will service available to them. By leveraging an omnichannel approach, the campaign aims to generate leads, encourage participation in Legacy Free Wills month, and ultimately, empower individuals to secure their legacy.


Strategy and Execution

The campaign strategy revolves around an audience-first approach, meticulously targeting individuals aged over 55 with a propensity to give to charity and interest in sub-sectors related to estate planning.Leveraging a mix of programmatic media channels, including Sky Adsmart, digital display, and digital audio, allowed for precise audience segmentation and tailored messaging.


Programmatic Media Channels

The use of programmatic media channels enabled us to reach the desired audience demographic effectively without budget wastage. Sky Adsmart, with its advanced targeting capabilities, ensured precise age targeting, while digital display and digital audio platforms provided additional avenues for engagement.


Animated Video Production

To maximise engagement and convey the message effectively, we produced an animated video for TV advertising and online distribution. The animated format allowed for captivating storytelling and ensured consistency across various online channels, including social media platforms.


Results and Impact

The omnichannel campaign delivered impressive results, exceeding expectations and effectively engaging with the target audience of individuals aged over 55. The campaign results saw over 1.7m impressions delivered over three weeks; Google audience on apps had 140 % above expected response, and digital audio delivered 98% LTR with over 450,000 listens.

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In September 2023 Ubiquity were invited to speak at the “A lifetime in Legacies Conference” in London, celebrating 15 years of the excellent work of the National Free Wills Network. 

We provided a talk to over 50 of the UK’s biggest Charities focussing on audience insight, in-depth profiling to help talk to their legacy supporters both warm and cold, and the importance of accessibility within marketing.

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